Gay guide to Rome: rainbow tips to find the best bars, discos, gay street, the village, saunas, lgbt events.

Updated: March 27, 2014

In this gay guide to Rome I collect resources and useful information to find the best gay events, bars and discos in my city. With my usual insider tips, of course!

The best thing about a vacation to Rome is that the city offers a big variety: during the day you can visit incredible historic monuments and masterpieces of art, at night there's an interesting gay life, lots of events and clubs full of loud talking, handsome italian guys. And beautiful black haired girls, of course. Are you ready? Let's start our tour from the most typical places.

I can't start from any other place than this: the GAY STREET. This is indisputably the meeting point for the gay community of Rome. Its real name is Via San Giovanni In Laterano, and it is adjacent to the Coliseum.

This short street (few hundred meters long!) has gay bars (the most famous is the Coming Out, few steps from the Coliseum), sexy shops, gay friendly restaurants, gelaterias and pizzerias. During the day this street is full of "regular" tourists visiting the historic area, then at night it becomes mainly rainbow.

Friends meet here for aperitivo (drink and snacks pre-dinner), for dinner, or for a drink after dinner. Here you'll have a perfect example of how to hang out the Roman way: people get a beer and go outside, chat with friends, flirt seating on a motorcycle or directly on the steps, do a "vasca" in the crowd searching for that special someone, and organize what to do later in the night. Full article.

Let's see now the most popular GAY PARTIES of the capital.

The gay village (which in Rome is actually a party and not a district) is one of the most typical destinations of summer nights. This is a big, open air party open from june to september inside the park of the Ninfeo, near metro B station Eur Magliana. Big crowd, lots of music and sweat, quite "commercial".

Muccassassina (literally "killer cow") is one of the historical gay parties, every friday in the club called Qube. Born more than 20 years ago to finance the gay cultural club Mario Mieli, this is a big night club and disco, with drag queens, djs, strippers.

Another club that hosts a popular gay party is Circolo Degli Artisti in via Casilina Vecchia. The place has a huge garden where you people chat, drink, flirt, walk around with friends. In its winter version the party is now called "Glamda" and starts at around 21.30. Full article.

What about some exercise? Gyms and sport activities for lgbt people?

In Rome there are some GYMS known for having a high percentage of gay clients, these could be the right places if in addition to pumping your musclesy... you also want to let the door open to the possibility of a flirt!

Want to start from the most obvious? Last year Madonna paid a visit to her Hard Candy Fitness studio near the Coliseum (and the gay street...) wearing very sober (yuk) gold grills. An area of 1300 sqm on three floors, and five different activity rooms (each one named after a Madonna song: MDNA, Jump, Reinvention, Confession and Music). She contemporarily opened a second center, 2000 sqm in the exclusive Parioli neighborhood, making of Rome the first city with two gyms owned by Mrs Ciccone.

Read more about gyms and sports Full article.

What can't miss in this guide is obviously a section with some tips to the BEST GAY BARS of Rome.

But let's disambiguate: in italian a bar is strictly a bar. So it's the place where you usually sit, have a conversation with your friends, get a drink and some snacks. These are the best places if you are not into dancing and discos, but prefer a beer and a more calm environment. For discos and clubs check up in the gay parties section.

So, here is a selection of those that I consider the best bars in my city. Full article.

And we get to the GAY BEACHES around Rome.

Rome is not Sitges or Mykonos, that's for sure. There are not countless beach resorts and beach bars for the lgbt community. But we have something nearby too. Because if you're in Rome in summer, which is torrid hot especially in july and august, you may definitely feel like eascaping the city for a day trip to the beach.

So, the main destination for gay people in Rome is Capocotta, about 35 mins drive and not far from Ostia Antica with the interesting Roman ruins. Capocotta is one of the best beaches in Latium, just beside a naturist beach and the complex is part of a natural reserve.

Full article.

I'll post about the LGBT EVENTS here. This section contains a calendar of cultural events, information about the gay pride in Rome, the movements for civil rights, and useful information to get in touch with the associations.

LESBIAN FRIENDLY While basically all the bars in the city and are open to both men and women (the Coming Out itself, the most popular bar in the city, is owned by two lesbian women), there are some topic places for women.

Full article.

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