Imperial Boobs: the hottest Italian women from Rome and surroundings

These are all super hot italian women originary from Rome and surroundings:

It's not clear what kind of talent has ever brought the roman showgirl Sara Varone on the tv stage, but if I have a little suspect: her gigantic boobs, that she has always shown generously.

The peak of Sara's career has been a tv show called Buona Domenica, aired on sunday on the italian channel canale 5, where she appeared from 2006 to 2009. She hosted a gossip talk with Flavio Briatore's wife Elisabetta Gregoraci.

The show was definitely trash, but Sara gained a huge popularity. To engage the audience they used every possible expedient (like a quiz with a shower in the studio, as "punishment") to expose her legs and boobs in front of the camera. And, not surprisingly, it worked!

Interestingly, Sara graduated in psychology in my same university, La Sapienza of Rome, with the intention of becoming a sexual psychologist. But in these days she's busy with mothership, as this year she gave birth to her son Tommaso. Welcome Sara, in the joyful army of italian milfs.

Sabrina Ferilli is probably the most representative beauty of Rome. Not only she is the perfect image of the italian-mediterranean beauty, long black hair, olive skin, black eyes, and a couple of melons to die for, a but she is "really roman".

This actress worked for a lot of movies, especially in tv fictions, and has played a lot of roles as friendly, humble roman lady. That's why if you ask to name a famous roman actress, to anyone in Rome today, probably Sabrina Ferilli will always be the first name mentioned.

A woman with a contagious smile, with the years (she's 49 today) she has done some retouch to her face (the cheekbones are very suspect) but she is still one of the few italian celebrities who didn't have surgery to her boobs, like Monica Bellucci.

Selvaggia Lucarelli is originary from the province of Rome (Civitavecchia) and she is hands down my favorite. Huge natural breasts and a sharp intelligence. She became popular with her blog in the early golden era of blogging, where she started to write about gossip with a humorous style. Today, she works also for tv and radio, but her favorite occupation is still writing. A new book from her is coming out next year.

She is incredibly hot, but she has also a brain that works very well. Selvaggia's Facebook/Twitter accounts are among the most popular in Italy, with hundred thousands followers. She's funny, and as many of her followers assault her with all tyes of obscene comments about her explosive body, she surrendered and started to call herself a milf (she's mother of the little Leon), showing a lot of autoirony.

Federica Nargi is a young model, showgirl and tv host born in Rome in 1990.

She became popular in Italy when she worked as "velina" in the popular tv show Striscia la Notizia, on Berlusconi's tv channel canale 5.

Since then, Federica worked in several reality shows, tv shows, and she's been testimonial for underwear for several fashion houses.

Similarly to the previous hot women, Federica has typical Italian traits and colors, but differently from them she has more a model-like body (177cm x 55 kg), she's less explosive and more near perfection!

Valeria Marini is a hot italian woman and also a real diva. Today she's a bit seasoned (46) but she still has a notable set of curves!

Valeria became super popular for her charm and her statuesque body in a tv show called Bagaglino in the 90s and 00s. Her flirty style, big boobs and long legs brought her an immediate big success.

From that show she started her career and worked during the years in television as host, showgirl, opinionist, she participated in reality shows, and today she is also a jewel designer.

The beautiful Valeria got married, a marriage full of paparazzi, just this year with the italian entrepreneur Giovanni Cottone, at basilica Santa Maria in Ara Coeli in Rome.

The fresh and smiling Ilary Blasy is a wag, aka the wife of a very famous Roman football player: Francesco Totti. Totti is an institution in Rome.

But Ilary didn't become famous just for this, she already had her own career started as a soubrette in tv when she met Francesco, and since then she continued working in tv, where today she is one of the hosts in the program "Le Iene".

Ilary had two children with Francesco Totti, and today after years of marriage they're still one of the most known celebrity couples in Rome. Here we can admire her (boobs) in a sexy red dress.

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