30 Interesting facts about Rome: did you know?

nota: spiegare perche le statue di roma sono senza cazzi

1. Many ancient civilizations developed a numeric symbolism with a recurrent interpretation of the number 7 as sacred, mystique, union of the spiritual and material world. Rome makes no exception: it's popular as the city founded on seven were the hill on which Rome was founded, seven were the kings of Rome, today in Italy we know it as the "city of the seven churches". But many of these 7s have more to do with myth than real facts. For example, Rome is probably born for sinecism (aggregation off villages in the area that continued for centuries) rather than founded precisely on seven hills, and 7 kings are considered just because only the "età regia" period is usually taken into account.

2. There is a church in every main piazza in the center of Rome, except one: piazza Campo De Fiori. No church has its facade on this piazza. Campo De Fiori (flower field), called this way because it was originally a meadow, was a place for executions in ancient times. In particular, there was the execution of Giordano Bruno, whose statue svetta cupa today in the center.

There is a SECOND "Colosseum" in Rome!

3. The public fountains in Rome are popularly referred to as nasoni, which literally means "big noses".

There is a case that Jesus never existed as a person, but was an invented literary figure derived from similar characters (Mithra, Orus, Dionisus etc...). But if Jesus was invented...who invented it? According to the documentary Caesar's Messiah: The Roman conspiracy to invent Jesus, Romans did. Jesus was invented by the Flavian dynasty for the purposes of pacifying and controlling the ornery Jews of that time, who wouldn’t worship the Roman Emperor and who were frequently engaging in military conflicts with the Romans. The Romans dealt with this problem by gaining control over the Jewish teachings, essentially replacing them with pro-Roman teachings (i.e. Christianity), which urged the Jews to stop fighting and to behave more submissively towards the Romans.

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