Rome fashion guide: shopping for labels in via Condotti, italian designer clothes, shoes, handbags

Rome fashion means via dei Condotti and surroundings. The district right in front of the Spanish Steps is where you will find the most fabulous dresses, shoes, jewels, bags. Everything with super high quality... and super high prices of course!

Some of the craziest numbers I saw this weekend, walking around this area? A fur at Fendi: 24.000 euro, a bag at Prada: 16.500 euro, a necklace at Cartier: 40.900 euro. A label attached to a golden collar I saw at the jewelry Buccellati, with diamonds and lapislazuli, said: 120.000, and I think that may have been the price. The price of a small house! But ok, don't worry, most prices are way more human, if never "exactly cheap".

In this area you'll find the latest collections and all the Italian fashion trends, this is the real fashion district of Rome. And while via dei Condotti is the number one street, also the streets nearby: via Frattina, via del Babuino, via del Corso, via di Ripetta and piazza di Spagna itself (where the Spanish steps are) are full of top level stores.

Rome fashion will offer you a prevalence of famous Italian labels, like Dolce e Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Versace, Ferragamo, but also foreign labels like Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Jimmy Choo.

I was taking this picture at this classy Chanel dress in via del Babuino, and two enthusiast indian women were struggling to read its tiny price tag. I gave a hand and read it for them: 2.900 euro. "Not very cheap, I added with a smile". But one of the two women replied with decision "I totally love it, and I think it's worth every single cent!". Hehe.

Let's see what Rome fashion has to offer now, this is a list of the best stores for luxury shopping around via dei Condotti. come riconosci un top store dall'apriporta!

Prada via Condotti 92

If it's true that the devil wears Prada, than the devil's favorite shop is in a very privilaged location in via dei Condotti. Prada's luxury store is in the very first positions near piazza di Spagna, right after Moncler and in front of Dior.

This fashion house is born in Milan in 1913, from Prada brothers Mario and Martino. They started with a boutique specialized in leather, bags, accessries, and they had a rapid success with the high level class of the city. The company moved later in the hands of Luisa, and later to her daughter Miuccia Prada.

Moschino via del Babuino 155a

This store ia from the Italian fashion house created in 1983 by Franco Moschino, specialized in ready-to-wear, accessories, bags and shoes.

It has a fresh style, young, elegant but with a touch of eccentricity. In this picture, the showcase of the store in via del Babuino, smile bag and guitar bag for 485 euro, and a classic pair of shoes for 298.

Alcozer & J via delle Carrozze 48

This is, and definitely looks, like a traditional boutique. This shop is from the italian designer Giampiero Alcozer, who started in Florence his production of jewels in 1994.

These are "costume jewels", meaning that the materials are semi-precious metals, pearls, crystals. The style is definitely antique, here you will find rings, cameos, bracelets and necklaces inspired to the italian renaissance, but revisited in a modern key.

My opinion? They are classy, and very very elegant. The prices, many ranging in the 100-300 euro, are definitely less extreme than the prices at the jewelries in via dei Condotti. Worth a visit.

Giorgio Armani via dei Condotti 77

Armani doesn't need a lot of introduction, it's the cream of the crop. Rome fashion can count on a very central shop where you can find fabulous, ethereal dresses.

The designer has created some costumes even for Lady Gaga, for her Monster ball and Born this way tours.

Armani's clothes have clean, tailored lines, and prices are "top". 8200 euro for this gilet beside.

Luisa Spagnoli via Frattina 84

The chain of stores originated by the Italian entrepreneur who also invented the famous Bacio Perugina.

This historical label (Luisa started producing high quality clothing after the war, from the wool of angora rabbits) is in via Frattina, and has classy and very elegant clothes.

Cartier via dei Condotti 83

This historic jewelry is a place where you can buy top quality precious. The shop has been here for ages (I've always seen it here). It's not infrequent to see limos and big carks parked outside the shop.

I you see them, probably it means that inside there is some wealthy arab or asian who's doing shopping, or some popular actress from the show business (I saw Manuela Arcuri shopping here once). Prices are huge.

Alberta Ferretti via dei Condotti 34

has very chic dresses for ladies, and in her atelier you can find beautiful models from her collection Phylosophy. Alberta's dresses are the result of a luxury choice, decorated with pearls, embroideries, always light and bright.

The stylist is popular for her beautiful wedding dresses, and she released her new romantic collection for 2014, Forever. Classic white and intricated decorations for your happiest day.

Laura Biagiotti via Mario de Fiori 23

Laura started very young, by signing Schuberth's prêt-à-porter collection in 1966. She became famous for her extremely feminine style, and for her doll-women. Today she lives in a castle just outside Rome. This original bag is from her shop in a side street of via Condotti.

Miu Miu via dei Condotti 35, via del Babuino 91

is an italian fashion house property of Prada. The name comes from the nickname of the founder, Miuccia Prada. It's specialized in clothing, leather, accessories, shoes.

The boutiques near the Spanish Steps have their showcases organized as a series of thematic rooms, with bright color contrasts and transparency effects.

Complete list of shops in via dei Condotti:

Swarovski crystals and jewels, Max&Co clothing, Francesco Rogani leather bags and accessories, Marcello ties and men shirts, Trussardi clothing and bags, Omega watches, Dolce e Gabbana clothing, parfumes, shoes and bags, Bally bags, Tods shoes, Furla bags accessories jewels, miu miu clothing shoes bags, Alberta Ferretti clothing, Churchs english shoes, Ermenegildo Zegna clothing, Buccellati jewelry, Burberry clothing, Hausmann watches jewels, Stuart Weizman bags, Loro Piana clothing, Bulgari jewels, Swatch watches, Castelli parfumes, Brioni clothing, Salvatore Ferragamo clothing, Celine clothing, Hermes clothing, MaxMara clothing, Jimmy Choo shoes, Eleuteri jewels, Mont Blanc pens, Valentino clothing, Giorgio Armani clothing, Luis Vuitton clothing, Angeletti jewels, Testoni clothing, Cartier jewels, Damiani jewels, Antico Caffè Greco cafe, Prada clothing bags shoes accessories, Gucci clothing accessories, Dior clothing accessories, Moncler clothing.

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