ROME HONEYMOON: tips for a lovely vacation after your wedding, romantic places, panoramic spots, resources for couples!

Updated: November 12, 2013

A honeymoon in Rome can be a wonderful experience. While other places are popular as "ideal for lovers", like Venice or Paris, my city is definitely a great fit for a couple vacation. It's just that it has so much to offer (especially art and history) that the romantic side is frequently overlooked.

After a wedding, a couple often falls into that beautiful state of love-induced trance, where there are lots of kisses and cuddles. Well, Rome has plenty of movie-like settings for these: terraces to see a gorgeous skyline, cozy restaurants, warm piazzas in the historical center.

Rome strength is that it offers a big variety during the day (monuments, ancient buildings, fun activities). Then, when the evening comes, there are a lot of opportunities for intimacy, for a relaxing conversation, or just for a silent walk, hand by hand, to enjoy the presence of the other in a magic atmosphere.

I write this mini-guide to help you plan your honeymoon in Rome, and not miss any of the best that my city has for newly married couples.