Rome shopping guide: the "hot" areas with fashion stores, street markets, malls, original souvenirs

The crowd assaulting via dei Condotti in the weekend.

Whatever you want to buy, from super expensive italian designer dresses to cute charm bracelets, in this shopping guide to Rome I'll give you some insider tips to find them. Rome is like heaven for fashion addicts...! with so many stores full of high quality models of... everything: dresses, shoes, bags, jewels.

But it's also full of pictureque boutiques where you can find antique rings and cameos, italian furniture, ancient coins, paintings. Then we have the street markets, where you can mix with locals fishing for deals. And then the big shopping malls. And the souvenir shops.

It's a lot! But I'm here with some strategic tips to locate the best areas for shopping. Let's see.

Fashion Let's start this shopping guide with the top fashion stores and luxury, both are definitely abundant here in Rome. Italian fashion is surely one of the most relevant in the world. Many of the most recognized brands of the globe are italian: Prada, Gucci, Dolce e Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, Versace, Bulgari, Ferragamo and many, many others!

So, first thing we discover the key places to go shopping for labels.

I've no doubt that the starting point of any respectable shopping mission is via dei Condotti, the nice street that starts in piazza di Spagna (metro A station Spagna) and goes straight down until it reaches via del Corso. All the most important fashion houses have a shop here, and in the streets nearby (piazza di Spagna itself, via Frattina, via di Ripetta, via del Babuino and via del Corso are also full of very expensive shops).

Here is where you'll find the latest collections, the fashion trends, shiny jewels, designer shoes, gorgeous dresses, and of course: huge prices.

But you're not scared of paying 3.000 euro for a dress or 20.000 euro for a collar, are you? Good! Let me guide you through the best luxury stores in this area then.

Since I walk around here often -and take pictures-, you can expect that the shops mentioned in this section are right there, right now (beside the historic stores, some others are prone to turnover, so I update frequently).

The models in my pictures are probably what's in the shop windows in this exact moment. Ready for the tour?

Here all the pictures, information and descriptions of the shops in the fashion district.

Giorgio Armani's sparkling jacket, in via dei Condotti.

Street markets Rome is not only high profile fashion and expensive shops, there are also a lot of lively street markets.

These are great places to fish for deals and browse interesting little objects. The street markets also give you a chance to mix with the insiders, and be more in contact with our local tradition.

In fact, while in via dei Condotti

you'll notice that many customers of the top stores are actually wealthy foreigners, in Porta Portese, Campo de Fiori, Garbatella, Conca d'Oro, you'll be surrounded by a lot of "real" Romans, housewives, seniors shopping for groceries and spices. And the vendors will try to call your attention in roman dialect: AoĆ²!!

What kind of items can you buy in these markets? Everything!

In these places you could really find some treasures. Especially antiques and original italian items, like telephone machines, irons to heat the bed sheets used in the war period, old italian coffee grinders (my grandpa has one), oil lamps, antique jewelry.

And of course cheap clothing, gadgets and street food, which is going to be more "real italian food" than the one you see (frequently overpriced) in the tourist center.

Now, you only need to know what street markets are there in Rome, where and when to find them. This is exactly what is in this section.

Ready for bargains? Here we go:

Here all the pictures, locations and time schedule of the street markets in Rome.

Italian charms

Shopping malls Going to the malls, well it's definitely not a traditional way to do shopping in Rome.

Consequence of the americanization

of the italian culture, the shopping malls appeared here in the 90s, and today are as big, as professionally organized and attractive as the ones I saw for the first time in America as a teenager.

They are definitely not as picturesque as the small boutiques in the historic center, but I must admit that they are useful and comfortable for some hours of shopping in a closed environment, and with every type of store within hand's reach.

All the big shopping malls are outside the center (no surprise considering the intricate architecture of Rome), so almost all of them require that you drive.

Want to do it? Some old fashioned shopping "the american way" in Rome? Ok then, here is some useful information:

Here is a list of the malls in Rome, with pictures and useful info.

Inside Euroma 2, in the Eur neighborhood.

Souvenirs This Rome shopping guide is not complete without a section for souvenirs.

If you come to Rome for a vacation, your heart will be filled with so many wonderful masterpieces of art! You'll probably feel like bringing home a little piece of them.

The city is disseminated with little mobile shops where you can buy miniatures, calendar, t-shirts, everything you may desire with the theme "roma". There are also some good shops, that I'll indicate in this section, where you can buy real original souvenirs and gifts Jump in!

015 Notes: updated December 28, 2014

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